she fucked a dog;
(was pastellhazel) A caelo usque ad centrum ● ESFJ ● i blog about ben wyatt too much●♪♫ ●

Spinach and brown rice pasta in a no- salt tomato sauce with a side of crispy potatoes


Spinach and brown rice pasta in a no- salt tomato sauce with a side of crispy potatoes

Zoe Saldana – ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ press conference in Burbank

—What, people call you the Doctor?


—Well, I’m not. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve got to earn that title.

#martha jones appreciation day

I don’t know what terrible things you’ve done in your life up to this point, but clearly your karma is out of balance to get assigned to my class. 


telling your friend a pun like 


We all have secrets: the ones we keep… and the ones that are kept from us.


when you’re in a group project and you’re the only one doing work




Hardcovers for aesthetics.
Paperbacks to read.
Ebooks to travel.

The holy trinity of book lovers.



Beautiful and flawless character designs by Jamal Campbell:

First of all… holy. Second of all… shit. These are magnificent.


Well Tumblr it’s that time of the year again. It’s heart breaking I even have to remind people of this.

As we approach the Halloween season if you have a black cat [especially an indoor/outdoor one] it’s time to make sure they stay inside. Unfortunately around this time of the year people think it’s funny to harass and harm them. It makes me sick to my stomach but some people even go as far as to ‘sacrifice’ them. Most adoption groups won’t even adopt them out during this month. I’ve even heard of people trying to harass them when they see them sitting in windows of houses. It’s horrible and not funny but it’s important to protect them.

So if you or anyone you know has a black cat make sure they are aware of where the cat is. And if you see anyone hurting or harassing them [or any cat!] speak up, they can’t do it for themselves.

And Captain banned headphones from the office, due to the Gina incident.

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When will your fave make a song that celebrates the diversity within the black community??

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